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Click to enlarge was made for people who want to save on books, which is a hot commodity on the internet. It lists most bookstore prices. Using our original cURL-based engine the script queries bookstore sites, parse info from them and shows the friendly looking list of needed books. The script is template-driven so it can be easily redesigned. Much of modern technologies used during development. This job prove all the power of PHP and MySQL technology. We proud of work we have done.
Development time: 3 weeks Site Link:
Customer's Review: Extremely Satisfied. As we speak, outsourcing more work with TeleSoftSG.
Marco Janeczek,

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University enrollments will exceed 34 million this year. Nerdshare offer these students an opportunity to "learn and earn". The script we build for it is extensive and powerful. Campus recruiters have the opportunity to recruit fellow classmates to take notes for the nerdshare student success program - and earn for it. The MLM students recruitment mechanism, Study Group Chat, Notes share space, ad management section, PayPal integration, etc. - those are the parts of project.
Development time: 1 month Site Link:
Customer's Review: Please recognize the excellence of their professionism in all of the our projects they have done for me! They can do ANYTHING you ask for in PHP/mySQL. They have completed some the most complicated projects. Project completed:, NASRA, NWJAD,, much more! I would highly recommend choose this provider - forget others.
Christian Luneborg, Magnix-Solutions

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NASRA is the National Association for State Relay Administration. The mission of NASRA is to function as a clearinghouse for state telecommunications relay service administrator topics, issues. standards and policy statements.
The previous version of the site were buils using ASP. The main purpose of the project was to change the hosting place redevelopment with PHP/MySQL. We've done the exact copy of original script. Furthermore, there are many improvemnts were done relating to original script.
Development time: 2 weeks Site Link: NASRA

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Many peoples need the shopping cart scripton their site. Many of them need bulletn board too. On our view the best freeware shop is osCommerce and phpBB as a bulletin board. We have done integration of them: each user need to register only once and he'll have access to all the parts of your site. Check emlv and you'll see this working.
Development time: 1 week Site Link:

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As a leader in the online recruiting industry,, is revolutionizing the way folks manage their careers and the way companies recruit talent.'s tools and advice put job seekers in control of their careers and make it much easier and cost-effective for company recruiters to find qualified and targeted candidates.
Development time: 2 weeks Site Link:

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Custom PHP/MySQL bulletin board script. It is not so simple as it named. Flexible and powerful admin side developed.
Development time: 2 weeks Site Link: Trip 101 Talk
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